Tuesday, July 30, 2019

YOUR A$$: If You Can't Sell It Just sit on it, Don't Give it away.

I'm not sure how the tone of this blog will go, i hope its funny and my true personality. Because of "writing" and not talking -  My last travel blog was really focused on finding myself and trying to find a place in life. I felt as if no matter what I did, if I created it or if  I was helping someone else live their dream I ended up holding the bag at the end. So my last attempt at a blog was a lot of - Waaaa Freakin' Waaaa. Some good travel tips but mostly a lot of soul searching for others to read.

I started Obnoxious Behavior because I am quite the know-it-all and I was helping small businesses with things like marketing, digital and concepts and it seemed they thought I was obnoxious when I was only trying to help. Well, I was obnoxious because I was ahead of them. I was always ahead of my time. I have had  no formal training in anything I have ever done. NEVER. I barely made it through high school but yet all my teachers loved me. My parents didn't know what to do with me and quite frankly I am not sure that I knew what to do with me.

I was a popular regional internet TV personality before Netflix & Chill was even a make out session and I even created the first school coupon book when I was at William Blount High School in 1990  as a DECA fundraiser. If Trish McCurry was still alive today her and Mark Williamson my marketing teachers, would confirm that fact.

I am extreme with everything - over the top - obnoxious. Instead of fight I would run, leave, drop everything and go. So many things I given away or gave up on just to move on to the next thing. My credit and my work history shows that.

I am such a graceful train wreck that I don't even blend in with what most would consider "my type". I hate labels and I hate the word lifestyle we all have a style with life and those two words just seem to be ways to separate comfortable and uncomfortable people from each other.  Birds of a feather do flock together but it has nothing to do with the label or lifestyle society has put on you. However it has everything to do with how you communicate with others and how well others communicate with you. It's not all about the conversation that you have with your lips and mouth. You communicate with energy, actions and emotions just as much as you do with your words and definitions. I have had some of the best friendships and romantic relationships with people who don't identify themselves as anything but a human being. Some wonderful new chapters for them and I have come out of it. ( Some shot guns and some running has been involved too but - hey)

So here are my new goals for this blog. I need you to help me stay accountable. Make sure that I stay on this wonderful path that I am on. For the first time in my life I am just gonna sit on it, not give it away, I am not even gonna try to sell it.

So a recently met a young man and his beautiful family and in just a few short weeks he has helped me put all this graceful train wreck of 47 years in to some kind of perspective. I have 5 year goals and I have daily goals for the first time.  His goal is to get me to my daily three things. Although this blog post is and was not one of my "three" today, I felt led to do this and while I am waiting to see if I fixed my air conditioning in my motor-home I decided to write and start this process.  OK so maybe this is a little left over from last night, wanting to do this, but I have put so many efforts into Obnoxious Behavior and there has been SOOOOO many set backs with the name and the concepts around it I had to make it have some life and make some good of it. So back tot he "Three"!

The three things that I want out of this blog and the three things I need you, my followers, readers or even those participates to help keep me on track, honest or just a sounding board - readers. FIRST AND FOREMOST MY BIG RULE IS TO INFORM, ENLIGHTEN, ENTERTAIN & BE HUMOROUS - LIGHT NO SO DAMN SERIOUS - if worked for OPRAH, why not.

1) TO LIVE MY BEST LIFE: I had a heath scare recently and it was nothing but anxiety. $20,000 later I need to stop some bad habits, change the way I spend my free time and work on things that make me happy. I have yet ANOTHER RV to repair, a body to get in shape and travel and trips to plan. I have some "centering" to do so here come the how-to's, the cooking tips, the work out success, the stop smoking effects and some great places to travel by train, plane and automobiles.

2) ACQUIRE ASSETS & RELEASE THE LIABILITIES: Ok well really to do this one effectively I need my bartending job the current one , I repeat - THE CURRENT ONE for two years or more. So if you're a drinker and you love a smart-ass mixologist I need you to move to Brookhaven Mississippi and come to Magnolia Blues, Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00PM to Close - and tip well. In addition I will need to be aware of true assets and true liabilities so some reports of just what that means to me and some of my accomplishments and setbacks, where my assets are taking me and what my goals are producing are coming your way.  My five year plan is to have my own Hospitality Compound of some kind in five years, Post Card Motel, BNB, Hotel - something. My very first AirBNB is already kinda "in-the-works"!

3) TO ALWAYS BE LEARNING & SHARING WHAT I HAVE LEARNED: I am currently painting, plumbing, mowing, bug straying, building web-sites, trimming hedges, dealing with tenants, weed eating ponds and even helping revive a local legendary day camp for children. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday. Why just this week I learned I hate painting but when that paint dries it's beautiful. I hope to share things with you that may help you along your journey - which does help me.

All in all I do enjoy writing and do love my Obnoxious Behavior, I hope to bring you along! I have have some wrongs to right but I worked my ass off to end up somewhere I thought I never wanted to be. Being in Bogue Chitto Mississippi has defined for me the statement I have HATED until now, Where Ever You Are ,There You are!

Comment here in the blog about your top three and lets have some fun, thank you for letting me sit on it and not give it away! I look forward to this journey with you!

Make Life Happen,

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